Bat Box


Bat box suitable for a wide variety of UK species. Made from 100% recycled plastic and wood waste. Durable, attractive and practical. See below for product details.


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Product Details

Bat Box

Bat Box Features

Like all the boxes in our "eco" range, this bat box is made from 100% recycled plastic and wood waste. The plastic is from the UK, mostly agricultural sources, and the strand board from FSC certified wood waste and offcuts. The plastic shell of the box is tough and durable, UV stabilised and welded together. The inner OSB internal roost chamber is well insulated and has a rough finish for bats to grip.

We offer the bat boxes with two roost chamber options, which have the same external shell. The crevice chamber is ideal for bats like pipistrelles. It has two narrow (22mm) cavities. The cavity option has a single chamber (60mm), for species like Brown Long-Eared bats and Noctules.

There's no need to clean the box as a clever system of angled baffles means that droppings just fall out. All bats are protected by law, and if you don't have a licence it's illegal to open a box like this anyway.

You'll also notice a sheltered landing ladder at the bottom of the box to help bats access it.


Bats have been particularly hard hit by a shortage of safe roosting sites, so providing them is a real benefit. These batboxes can be used on buildings or trees, positioned as high as possible - at least 5m, if you can get that high. Bats need a clear flightpath to access the box, and it should also be sheltered. The experts suggest putting a number of boxes up reasonably close together (even on the same tree), pointing in different directions - perhaps north, southeast and southwest. Bats seem to have variable roosting requirements. If you've noticed them around, find a place where you've seen them flying.  

Supplier: The Nestbox Company

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