Goat Willow
Goat Willow - and Honeybee
We’re not that far from the Levels, but it seems like a strange and different land whenever we venture down there, particularly in the winter. Last time we went was to order some baskets from P.H.Coate (established 1819), who also have a visitor centre at their HQ. They sell all sorts of high quality kit, from charcoal to coffins to creels; we’ve always been delighted with what we’ve bought there. They also have live cuttings and whips, but for these I think I’ll go to West Wales Willows in future , who have a fantastic choice ( with names that sound like Perry Pears – Black Maul, Flanders Red, and Fanny’s White, for example) – and lots of helpful advice. I recently put a mildly interested client in touch with them who promptly bought 150 cuttings. Whether you’re interested in biomass production (I really really should be), flower arranging, ornament, basketry, windbreaks, or early nectar, there’s a Willow – or more accurately several – out there for you…