Meadows Are Go! Newsletter No.11

Apart from the small matter of moving, one of the reasons I’ve been so remiss at blogging this month has been the work I’ve spent on the British wildflower and grass seed mixes we are developing with the lovely folk at Hillier Nurseries. We’re launching our first “Meadow Anywhere” packet at the Garden Media day next week. This one aims to demystify meadows and native wildflowers for the urban gardener without dumbing down the content of the mix, and will raise money for Butterfly Conservation and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. I won’t bore you with the sales spiel (!), but do have a look at the microsite I have built to go with the product range. Hillier, bless them, are featuring the mix at their Chelsea garden, and I have high hopes for it. Among the folk involved in the project has been Hannah McVicar, an exciting young illustrator in Bristol. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford her work (like this) for long!