Habitat Aid Ltd. helps support conservation charities and specialist UK plant nurseries and seed suppliers. It is run by me, Nick Mann, the author of this blog.
Before Habitat Aid I worked for various banks, then ran a small company investing in Japan. I never made enough money to matter and got increasingly fed up. Life today is infinitely preferable. We have lived in the same corner of Somerset since 2000, and built our own house in 2012. My interests include beekeeping, cricket, Bath Rugby, politics, gardening and cider making. In addition to running the business I write occasionally for publications like the Financial Times. Oh, and I’m a Trustee of the rather wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

The blog includes all sorts of stuff, mostly about the world I live in. You’ll find practical guides here, on planting hedges, seeding meadows, pruning orchards, making ponds etc etc.. These rub shoulders with pieces on environmental news in the UK which make me particularly cross or happy.