5 minutes in the life of an Indian Runner Duck

The Runner Ducks are unhappy in the snow.

It looks like the pond's frozen again...

Let's try sitting down instead of having a swim

...or is it warmer if I stand on one leg?

No it's not. Let's try sitting down again, but closer together

...or perhaps if one of us sits the other way around?

Why are we sitting down anyway? Why aren't we in the pond?

The Third Sector

It should come as no surprise that I am fascinated by the articulation between commercial and charity sectors. It’s a very compelling place to be as an entrepreneur for all sorts of reasons, and it will be a huge growth area as technology continues to improve. I came across Kiva today; a fantastically simple and compelling social enterprise that just wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago. Do have a look at the site if you don’t already know them. I think this is all pretty epoch making stuff – but then that should come as no surprise either.

Courses to feel warm about

Alexander Pope
I’ve just snared our final keynote speaker for the courses we’re running next year, which means we can put out our corporate update for December. Sigh of relief. The courses – on meadows, orchards, hedges, and ponds – should be fab and, frankly, I’ll probably learn as much as the participants. It has not been difficult finding hugely knowledgeable speakers for them, but to be honest it has been tricky to dig out hugely knowledgeable speakers who will enthuse people – which, I hasten to say, I have managed to do. It has been a good reminder of one of the rules I set myself; don’t be desperately worthy and desperately… dull – which gives me the chance to quote some Pope:
More she had spoke, but yawn’d – All Nature nods:
What Mortal can resist the Yawn of Gods?
No disrespect to you Pete, but I don’t suppose for a couple of beakers of infuriator someone like Clarkson might agree to be a guest speaker at one of our hedgelaying days as Alexander isn’t available? I wonder what the insurers would say.

…and the winner isn’t…

…Habitataid.co.uk. We were a finalist though, for the website of the year (that’s the serious bit, not this blog!), at the Garden Media Guild awards. To put this into perspective, the winner was the Gardener’s World site and the other 4 finalists included the Chelsea Flower Show, the RHS, and Dig In (BBC veg gardening ). My smack is well and truly gobbed. Hurrah! All I need to do now is to sell something…