Vinnie the Vole

Limey and Vinnie
Limey and Vinnie

Vinnie is the friend of Jenny Steel, and I couldn’t resist posting this photo from her Facebook album.

Planted up wildlife pond
Our New Wildlife Pond

He hangs out in her potting shed where he chats to Limey, but mostly just eats. He is keen to point out he is no way responsible for the voles currently destroying my lawn. Jenny is, however, responsible for our spanking new pond – it was one of her excellent wildlife gardening days that got me thinking about putting one in. It’s going to be fantastic.

Barn Owls

I’m always a sucker for an Owl cam.
I really miss our own Barn Owls; the box at the top of the field was occupied for 4 or 5 seasons, and the owlets used to march about on the 5 bar gate up the lane. Their parents hunting in the dusk were a beautiful and evocative sight. Very Edward Thomas. Although I’ve seen the odd one about over the last year it should be a plum spot for them, so I guess they must have had a pretty hard time of it hereabouts with all the wet summers we’ve been having.
At least someone’s happy – we’ve had an explosion in the vole population, particularly under the lawn…grrr….