Newsletter No. 24: July 2012

Now summer is finally doing its stuff I feel strong enough to write a newsletter after a shameful hiatus. I'll plead our new house build (what a nightmare that has been!) and being busy as well as the weather; it's show season, and they always seem to take up more time than you think. I've been to Gardener's World at Birmingham and the Hampton Court Flower show with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and our bumblarium, which even got me briefly on TV, although not in shot with St. Monty. Meadows If you needed any persuasion to start your own meadow, just find one locally and lie down in the sun, surrounded by the sound of bees (such as there are this year). More likely than not you're not as lucky as us and don't have one like this around the corner, which has provided huge pleasure over the last month. It's a perfect time to start preparing your site for plugs, seed or turf - don't go off half cock in autumn! Seed Packets After the huge success of the Co-op's Plan Bee wildflower seed packet give-away, we have also supplied Friends of the Earth with gazillions of packets to promote "The Bee Cause". We're working on a number of smaller scale projects for companies and charities too; have you ever thought about promoting your business or fund raising this way?