COVID-19: Seed Deliveries Continuing As Normal

Newsletter No.25: September 2012

Run Fat Boy Run September already. The seasons seem so messed up it has taken me by surprise, especially as we fled the chaos of our new house build to spend a couple of weeks in Italy, where it has been super scorchio. The wine was cheaper than ever and the food fantastic. I’m now like a brown whale. Inspired by the Olympics I've decided the best way to lose some weight is to run, and the best way to do that is to enter an event. I've been staggering around the lanes hereabouts for the last few weeks, and am so emboldened I've entered the "Bath Half" marathon. It's also a great opportunity to raise some money for a lovely little charity, Bees Abroard, who work with and supply African villages with beekeeping equipment. Sponsorship page to follow. Rattle and Hum We cut our meadow in between showers before we went on holiday, and I’m aiming to cut it again this weekend to tidy it up. If I were seeding any new areas I’d be making final preparations prior to sowing in October. We’re already selling a lot of seed, particularly Rattle, which folk are using as part of their meadow creation projects. Walls I want to incorporate some dry stone wall features into the landscape at Hookgate Cottage next year, so before our vacanza took myself off on a dry stone walling course on the Mendips. Like hedge laying, dry stone walls are as attractive as they are functional, with the further benefit of providing great habitat for a wide range of fauna. It’s the sort of feature we should all think about for our gardens.