20/09: New seed harvest nearly all in, plug plant delivery 1-2 weeks. Now accepting orders for bare root plants for delivery from November. £50 minimum order.

Apple Tree Collection - West Country Cider Apples

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Order now for delivery in November 2021.

Apple Tree Collection - West Country Cider Apples

5 trees different traditional varieties of West Country cider apple trees. Our local supplier selects the trees from a carefully chosen short list of compatible cider apple trees best able to deal with the warmer, wetter conditions of the South West. Orders have to be received before 31st December for delivery by the end of February.
Rootstock: M106
Size : Maiden
Supplier : RV Roger

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All our apple trees are bare root. If you do not plant your plants on receipt, they should be unwrapped and either heeled in, or soaked in cold water for 10-15 minutes before replacing in their packaging, then left in a cool frost free place before planting within 14 days. A small percentage of bare root plants will fail, but this can be considerably reduced by making sure the roots do not dry out while planting. Chose a frost and wind free damp day, and keep the whips in a bucket of water while planting out.