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Apple tree - Annie Elizabeth
Apple Tree - Annie Elizabeth

Apple Tree - Annie Elizabeth

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Apple Tree - Annie Elizabeth

Origin: Leicester, c.1857
Apple Taste: Sweet, light, valued stewing apple
Type: Culinary
Flowering Group : 3
Rootstock: M106
Size : Maiden (1-2 years old, around 100cm)
Harvest: October
Vigour : Medium

There are several stories about the origins of Annie Elizabeth. The original tree was grown by one Samuel Greatorex, magistrates clerk of Avenue Road, Knighton St. Mary, Leicester, where it stood until the 1970s. One story names the tree after his baby daughter, who died in 1866. Another says it was after the daughters of the Leicester nursery Harrison's, who started selling it from around 1868. Intriguingly, we were also contacted by a Mr Fisher whose great grandfather had a gardener, William Knight, who claimed he had originally grown it - presumably for Mr Greatorex - and named it after his own daughters.

It's also said to have been grown from a Blenheim Orange pip... who knows.

Anyway, Annie Elizabeth was a big seller in Victorian times, when its ornamental pink blossom (some say purple - really?) and fruit made it a wow in the garden or on the table, or in exhibition. The apples store well and hold their shape when cooked. The trees are hardy, particularly disease free, and a good choice for growing as espaliers.

Supplier : R.V. Roger Ltd.

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