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Bee orchid

Orchid: Bee (Ophrys apifera)

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Bee Orchid  (Ophrys apifera)

The Bee orchid must be one of our most exotic looking wildflowers. It's a beauty. Its looks are a bit of a mystery; although it seemingly prefers self pollination, its flowers seem to attract some solitary bees. The Bee orchid flowers in high summer, producing flower spikes with 1 to 12 flowers on which grow up to 50cm. Like the Pyramidal orchid it like short well drained  calcareous grassland, which isn't - obviously - cut before it sets seed. Lower nutrient levels suit it. I've seen it in a quarry (very typically) in south eastern England, but it's apparently more common in the northeast.

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Bee orchids

It's very difficult to produce orchids. Their seeds are tiny and wind blown, and in the wild they need to have a symbiotic fungal partner to germinate and grow. From seed to plant takes years! Once our specialist orchid whisperer has done all the hard work, however, they're easy to grow on.

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Photo: Henry Lang

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