Frequently Asked Questions : Why We Do What We Do

General FAQs

Why is there a £50 minimum purchase? It's SO annoying!

All our suppliers have different P&P charges. Some just pop a packet of seeds in the post. Others have to carefully wrap an ornamental tree and send it by overnight courier. We roll all those charges into the price you see advertised for each product - it's the only way to do it. To do this we have to assume a minimum purchase to work out the pricing.

Why can't you offer a 24 hour delivery service?

I'm afraid we're not Amazon! We can't afford their systems or to bludgeon helpless couriers into submission. There's also a lot of manual intervention required in our order processing. Some products are seasonal, others might only be available in a slightly different size than advertised, we might have to source something from another supplier than we originally planned. Plants have to be lifted, seeds have to be mixed. It's complicated.

Why don't I just go direct to your suppliers and buy from them?

Feel free to, although please remember where you found them. In most cases you won't get cheaper prices, although sometimes you will. Sometimes you won't be able to get a price at all as our suppliers are difficult to contact or don't sell to the public You won't be helping anyone either.

Why aren't the plants/seeds/bulbs I want available?

Bear with us. Sometimes it's just seasonality - for example bare root trees can only be delivered in winter, pond plant oxygenators in spring/summer, and many bulbs in autumn. We try and make it clear on the website when this is the case. We also try and keep up with stock levels at our suppliers. Sometimes these products are only harvested/grown in very small quantities, so this can be challenging! Whatever's happening, we'll endeavour to let you know.

Do you offer a guarantee for your plants and seed?

Yes and no. We don't offer a guarantee for our seed. We do test it, which means that when things go wrong we can be confident it's not our fault. Sorry about that. Although we don't offer a guarantee for our plants either, things only seem to go wrong very rarely and when they do we generally replace failures free of charge. We ask for photos and a brief description of what's happened.

Do you charge extra for delivery?

Only if you're on an island or in Northern Ireland. Otherwise, delivery costs to mainland UK are all included in the price. We add £12 for offshore UK deliveries. We can ship some items to some overseas destinations, but have to quote for that on a case by case basis.