Biodegradable hedge guards

Bio Hedge Plant Guards

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Why Use Plant Guards?

In the past we've reluctantly had to recommend photo-degradable plastic spiral guards for new plants, particularly hedge whips (up to 90cm high). "Reluctantly" as they only partly break down in the sun if not removed, and leave tiny bits of plastic behind. These become absorbed in the soil. 

New plants do need guarding. Rabbits, hares and voles are a real nuisance to new planting. Strimming can also damage new plants, particularly in hedges where it's used to control weeds and grass. Secured by canes, these plastic spirals will also support new plants and reduce wind rock.

Bio Plant Guards

The key improvement of these guards is that they are 100% made from plant polymers (beats, corn), instead of oil (which can pollute the soil). They can also fully biodegrade, either in industrial composting unit conditions (some composting units that are not industrial come close enough to these conditions to also trigger biodegradation) or through an enzymatic reaction (it is basically lactic acid, the same enzymes in your digestion trigger biodegradation) - so in the right conditions of moisture and bacteria they will also biodegrade in the environment.

The spirals are translucent, allowing some light in. They have holes for ventilation, and hold their shape well for long enough that the plant inside can establish properly - i.e. for several years. They're robust and have the right springiness to fit and remain in place.  

They're currently more expensive than the old guards, but we hope prices will fall as demand increases.

We supply the guards with canes.

Supplier: Perrie Hale Forest Nursery

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