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Northern Hay Meadow Seed Mix

Northern Hay Meadow Seed Mix

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Northern Hay Meadow Seed Mix

For upland sites, this seed mix of grasses and wildflowers recreates herb rich pastures of traditionally managed grasslands of upland Britain (British Plant Community MG3). Remnants of ancient meadows of this type of community survive in Deeside and northern England.
20% wildflowers, origin Fife, Inverness-shire, Perthshire, Borders, Angus.

% by weight              Species Name
20% Wildflowers
3.2 Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed
0.2 Conopodium majus Pignut
0.2 Geranium sylvaticum Wood Cranesbill
1.5 Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling
1.5 Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot Trefoil
3.2 Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain
1.0 Primula veris Cowslip
3.2 Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup
2.5 Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle
2.5 Rumex acetosa Common Sorrel
0.1 Sanguisorba officinalis Great Burnet
0.1 Succisa pratensis Devils Bit Scabious
0.2 Trifolium repens White Clover
0.5 Vicia sativa Common Vetch
0.1 Viola riviniana Common Dog Violet
80% Grasses
10.0 Agrostis capillaris Common Bent
10.0 Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass
30.0 Festuca rubra Red Fescue
10.0 Dactylis glomerata Cocksfoot
20.0 Poa trivialis Rough Meadow Grass

Sowing Rate: 3g per square metre, or 12kg per acre.
Seed mixtures may be ordered in 1 kg increments from 1 kg upwards. Quantities up to 10 kilos at the kilo rate, up to 20 kilos at the 10 kilo rate, and over 20 kilos at the 20 kilo rate.

Supplier : Scotia Seeds

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We strongly recommend reading up on wildflower meadows before buying seed - see our resources section and brief guide to preparation and aftercare, which includes links to our "how to" blogs and video.

Although we test our seed and it has high germination rates, you need to be careful about initial care and establishing an annual regime. Don't be put off though - once you get the hang of it it's pretty straightforward.