Wildflower Meadow & Other Seed Mixes

Making a wildflower meadow is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It's one of our most attractive and biodiverse habitats. After 70 odd years of intensive farming, it's also one of or rarest. It's important to source the right seed with the right provenance for your project to work.

The wildflower meadow seed mixes here are either made up of specified %s of individual species, or harvested sustainably from existing donor wildflower meadow sites around the country. We've written a little guide explaining more about this.

All of the wildflower meadow seed we sell has guaranteed British provenance unless specified. All of our seed suppliers except our smallest direct harvest harvesters are signatories to the Flora Locale code of practice. Our British wildflower and grass seeds are also subjected to random germination testing by Native Seed Technology.

If you would like less than 1kg of seed, pop over to our sister site and visit British Wildflower Seeds. You'll find some more seed mixes harvested from wildflower meadows there too, which are only available in limited volume.

We can supply many other individual wildflower species or seed mixes made to you instruction. Please ask!

For guidance on how to make a small wildflower meadow area from seed, please watch our short video.