British Trees & Shrubs

As a rule of thumb the longer a tree or shrub has been here, the more species are dependent on it - which is why native British trees are so important in supporting biodiversity in the UK.

Until recently we thought that before early Iron Age clearances the dominant habitat here was dense wildwood. In all likelihood it probably actually looked much like it did around 1200; a patchwork of open woodland and scrub, and grazed areas with individual trees. This "wood pasture" was sympathetically managed throughout the Middle Ages and to us would have looked a familiar rural landscape.

Over more recent history different native British tree species have become threatened as ancient woodland and hedgerows continue to come under pressure from development, changes in land use and disease. The consequent fragmentation of habitat is a common narrative behind the decline of some of our most charismatic species.

Although we’ve suggested what grows best where, look around your area to see which trees and shrubs in hedges are growing well before buying - practice often contradicts theory.

We sell all British native trees and shrubs, which are listed below. In addition to smaller sized trees we also offer many species as standards. They are all grown by British nurseries from British stock.

You will find our section on tree sizes and how to plant your tree or shrub whips helpful, in addition to the resources below.

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