Other Fruit Trees

We have all but lost many types and varieties of fruit tree over the last 50 years or so. We've worked hard with our suppliers to make some rare and interesting trees available again. You'll find some hard to come by and historic things here; iron age cherry trees, quaint sounding perry pears and odd looking medlars. There is a good range of more traditional heritage fruit varieties too, harking back to at least Victorian times. Apple trees are a whole different ball game, and found here in their own section.

Many of these trees are highly ornamental and, of course, a tremendous resource for nature. Fruit trees are an invaluable source of spring forage for bees in particular, but also provide a great (and increasingly rare) habitat for a wide range of wildlife and associated flora. They're also pretty helpful for the garden cook!

In addition to the resources below, have a look at our guide to planting, which will explain rootstocks and planting distances, and pollination groups.

All our fruit trees are grown in the UK and sourced from small family run nurseries. Typically we sell them as small "maiden" plants, although if you wanted something bigger please ask and we might well be able to help. Ask too if you're after something unusual which we don't list and we'll see if we can find it or persuade someone to grow it for you.

We donate half of our profits from fruit tree sales to Common Ground.

Fruit Trees Advice & Guides

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