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Habitat Restoration

"Make it so", booms Jean-Luc Picard. And snick snack snorum, it is made so.

If only life were as simple as it is aboard the USS Enterprise. And if only we had Patrick Stewart to guide us calmly* through everything the universe had to throw at us. The universe, it turns out, is fantastically complicated and - well - difficult. Even for Patrick Stewart. And nowhere is this clearer than on our own planet. Here's a good - and ultimately uplifting - example. This little video is about the efforts being made to reverse deforestation in Iceland. Habitat restoration is a real palaver! With my Habitat Aid hat on I was pleased to see the emphasis on local provenance and plant genetics...And all this caused by a few Viking sheep and the odd pig. There are lots of obvious morals to this story, of course. For example, the government here has announced the creation of a northern forest(largely funded by charities). There will be 50 million trees planted to cover a vast area. Potentially very exciting. It will, however, take many years before it can provide the same kind of biodiversity as the ancient woodland under threat from HS2 and fracking. Habitat restoration is very difficult, expensive, imperfect and slow. Far better to avoid destroying this stuff in the first place. *or should that be "to calmly guide us"?