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Corporate Governance


This document sets out the objectives and practical guidelines for the running of Habitat Aid Ltd. (“HAL”). It is additional to the Articles of Association created in 2008.

The document is intended to provide guidance on governance for stakeholders and any third parties who are interested in how we are run.

About Habitat Aid Ltd.

HAL is an impact driven, regenerative business founded in September 2008, with the aims of:

  • Supplying evidence-based solutions to habitat loss in the UK.
  • Amplifying evidence-based ideas to reduce biodiversity loss in the UK.
  • Donating to and promoting specialist UK conservation NGOs.
  • Promoting local provenance in plants and seed to encourage diversity and resilience.
  • Marketing ethical UK growers and harvesters.
  • Showing that these objectives could be met inside the structure of a limited company.

Its principal business is the sale of mostly native plants and seed online. It operates four websites: Main website Microsite – native pond plants Microsite – wildflower meadow seed packets Microsite - native hedge plants

HAL’s registered office is located at Hookgate Cottage, South Brewham, BA10 0LQ. The office is part of a private home but registered for business rates. It is an administrative office and does not generally handle stock.

HAL employs 2 full time and 3 part time staff and is a certified BCorporation.

Our Vision / Mission / Objectives

Our vision is a country where species decline and habitat loss are reversed, despite the challenge of the climate emergency.

Our mission is to facilitate this, by supplying advice, plants, and seeds, and promoting specialist wildlife and habitat NGOs.

Our objectives are to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the ecology and conservation of our native species, particularly flora and invertebrates.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of habitat for our native species.
  • Improve the transparency of the supply of plants and seeds.
  • Help the development of sustainable growing and harvesting in the UK.
  • Inspire and enable a diverse range of people to act.
  • Be an effective and sustainable organisation.

Our Charity Partners

HAL makes regular donations to a number of NGOs whose focus is the conservation of nature in the UK. They are involved with scientific investigation, outreach, advocacy and habitat creation. They can be found here:

Allocation of funds between these charities is at the Director’s discretion. The company generally focuses its efforts on smaller less well funded charities working with invertebrates or habitats. It also donates to charities on a one-off basis, to support particular projects.

Qualifying recipients must be:

  • Registered as a charity in the UK.
  • Related to the products sold.
  • Specialists in their field.
  • Promoting positive evidence-based messages about the natural environment.
  • Able to demonstrate clear mission and outcomes.

HAL has no set target for levels of donation, but as a rule of thumb aims to give money or in-kind donations (e.g. seed or plants) of around 2% of turnover:

                                Turnover             Donation             Donation/Turnover

FY2023                  £599,535              £14,624                 2.4%

FY2022                  £603,735              £12,911                 2.1%

FY2021                  £578,165              £12,887                 2.2%

FY2020                  £463,771              £11,120                 2.4%

FY2019                  £303,605              £4,171                   1.4%

FY2018                  £301,357              £6,682                   2.2%

FY2017                  £530,910              £12,452                 2.3%     

FY2016                  £694,899              £17,100                 2.5%

FY2015                  £1,015,809           £17,519                  1.7%

FY2014                  £431,456              £3,950                   0.9%

FY2013                  £265,660              £4,034                   1.5%

FY2012                  £169,813              £2,233                    1.3%

FY2011                  £68,497                 £2,640                   3.9%

FY2010                  £44,348                 £1,551                   3.5%

Totals                     £6,071,312          £123,874                 2.0%

Our Suppliers

HAL has a network of suppliers across the UK. These are listed here:

The company vets suppliers for quality and compliance with its environmental statement:

Quality control includes random germination and content testing of seed mixes.

HAL endeavours to source all the plants and seed it sells from UK growers and from UK origin plant material whenever possible. This often results in it paying higher prices. When this is not possible it is made clear to customers, although the company will never sell non-UK origin plants or seeds as the consequence of a short term supply issue. Suppliers must provide the origin of their plants and seeds.

HAL believes the development of sustainable plant growing and seed harvesting businesses is essential to the recovery of nature in the UK.

HAL is licensed by DEFRA to market seed and issue plant passports.  

Our Customers

HAL has a mix of corporate, government, NGO and individual customers. They are all in the UK. The company believes it is important to have a diverse customer base, to mitigate business risk and to amplify its core messages.

Information about products is available to them free of charge online or over the phone, or in person (for a charge). This often relates to after sales management. Customers are kept in touch about this and environmental news via social media, emailed quarterly newsletters and an active blog.

The company reserves the right to decline business if terms of payment offered are unsatisfactory or it has reason to believe it will lead to environmental or reputational harm.