Currently delivering new bare root tree orders in February

It's difficult to come up with specifics rather than generalities while talking about all our plants and seeds, as they're sourced from a number of different growers and harvesters. We're all committed to more sustainable production, however.


We haven't found a viable alternative to the plastic extrusion bags in which our hedge plants are delivered. These protect the plants in transit and retain moisture. Fruit trees are also wrapped in plastic but insulated with barley straw, and any (recycled) plastic pots secured in compostable bags. I'm pleased to say we now offer compostable hedge guards, thank goodness, and look forward to the imminent release of compostable forest guards too. There is a recycling scheme for these currently. The plastic trays in which our plug plants come are recycled, and we use recyclable woven polypropylene sacks for bulk seed orders. We use powder-proof paper seed packets (i.e. with no plastic or foil insert) for small orders.


None of our growers use peat based compost.


None of our plants, bulbs or seeds have been anywhere near a neonicotinoid ; we have lobbied for a blanket ban of these pesticides since early 2011.

No pesticides or fungicides are used in the production of our wildflower plants, aquatic plants, native trees and hedging, and wildflower bulbs. Fungicides may be used on our fruit trees. Herbicide may be used to clear seedbeds for seeds and trees, and to selectively manage some of the sites from which our seed mixes are harvested. Our suppliers are moving to replace chemical with mechanical weed and grass control, and we are hopeful that over time more of them will become organically certified.

Carbon Emissions

With the exception of some ornamental bulbs and shrubs/trees, all the plants and seeds we sell are grown in the UK from UK stock (we're hopeful that there might soon be no exceptions). This has always been one of our core principles - for many reasons - and significantly reduces our carbon footprint, as does our busines model, in which suppliers ship directly to customers. We heat our administrative office with a biomass boiler.

I guess given the quantities of trees and plants we sell we could claim to be carbon negative!