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Wildflower Seed: Meadow Mixes & Others

The Seed We Sell

The wildflower seed mixes here are either made up of specified %s of individual species, or freshly and sustainably harvested from existing donor meadow sites around the country. In addition to the mixes listed here we also have "direct harvest" seed harvested in Dorset, Devon, The Weald, Wales, Northumberland and from a couple of special water meadows; please ask if you might be interested as these are only available in smaller quantities, as well as through British Wildflower Seeds. 

Most of the seed mixes we sell have at least some grass as well as wildflower seed, as you would expect - they are "meadow mixes". The direct harvest mixes have a higher % of wildflowers to grasses, so arguably offer better value. Our native grasses are an important and attractive habitat and food plant for insects like butterflies and moths. There are wildflower only mixes to choose from too, which are much more expensive but only need sowing at much lower rates.

We're authorised by DEFRA to market seeds. Our licence number is 7615.

You should be able to find an appropriate seed mix for your site, but if you're struggling please drop us a line. You can also get your soil tested by Dr Dave Aplin at Soil Values. All you'll need from Dave is the cheaper Bronze option, to tell you your soil pH and fertility.

All of the wildflower seed we sell has guaranteed British provenance and origin unless specified. Our wildflower and grass seeds are also subjected to random germination testing by Seedlab 100

Too few of our meadow mixes are harvested from certified organic sites, although the only chemical inputs on some are from grazing livestock. Herbicides are sometimes selectively used in the production of some of the other seed mixes here, however. No insecticides or neonicotinoids are used in any.

We can supply many other individual wildflower species, including Yellow Rattle, or seed mixes made to you instruction. We also offer promotional wildflower seed packets. 

Choosing Wildflower Seed

Choosing which wildflower seed to buy can be baffling. Let's start by saying we specialise in British wildflowers. Most of our customers buy seed from us to make traditional meadows or meadow areas. By "traditional", I mean meadows which only include native British grasses and native British wildflower species - not "pictorial meadows", which include no grasses and mostly not UK wildflowers. We think making a wildflower meadow is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It's one of our most attractive and biodiverse habitats; you will find fascinating wildlife arriving to live with you. After 70 odd years of intensive farming, it's also one of the rarest habitats here. With a little care, what you're doing will last many, many years, so it's important to use high quality and appropriate seed with the right provenance.

Smaller Sites

We sell meadow seed here in 1kg increments, and some wildflower only mixes in smaller amounts.

If you want less than 1kg seed (typically enough for 250 square metres), pop over to our sister site British Wildflower Seeds. You'll find much smaller packet sizes available here, and some very special seed mixes harvested from wildflower meadows too, only available in limited volume.

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