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Fruit Tree Collections

Our specialist suppliers have selected groups of 5 compatible bare root trees in different categories to suit different requirements and conditions. There are collections sorted by geography and history here... Orders for collections for the current season are shipped between November and the end of March.

The rootstock for our eating and cooking apple trees is the most vigorous available - M106 and M25. M25 rootstock will produce the standard trees of a traditional orchard, which will grow over 4.5m, and M106 3 to 4m. Please refer to our size guide for details.

We sell young "maiden" trees rather than more mature sizes as the chances of their growing to be healthy trees are much better and they do not require staking.

Our apple trees are bare root, which are cheaper and establish quicker than pot grown trees.

We source our fruit trees from several specialist traditional nurseries in the UK, so they are all British grown and - we hope! - high quality. There aren't many fruit tree nurseries left here, and we think it's important to support them and the varieties they sell.

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