22/02 Update: All fruit trees are now sold out for the 2020/2021 season.

In the years 2016-2020 we donated a total of £53k in money or goods to charity. In 2020 the charities we supported included:

Over the years we've also helped sponsor events as well as supported individual habitat conservation appeals and conservation projects. We've also part funded a bumblebee ID app to help raise funds for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust ( particular interest!).

Do let us know if you have a project or appeal you would like us to help, but you must be a registered charity, I'm afraid.

In Spring 2020 we suspended our normal giving programme and donated to help people affected by the fallout from COVID-19. This included the Trussell Trust, local community support groups in Bruton and Wincanton, the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, Southampton NHS Trust, the Scottish Seabird Centre and Seeds of Hope Scotland. Our normal programme resumed in the summer, when we added the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland to our list of regular beneficiaries.

We're corporate members of several of the charities we support.