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Nuts & Berries

We sell a range of traditional nut trees and bushes and soft fruit bushes, which benefit pollinating insects (and opportunistic birds and small mammals !) as well as us. There's no better taste than something you've grown, and careful planning will ensure you can have fresh fruit all summer. We grow several of the fruit and nut bushes listed in our forest garden area, where they work in happy combination with apple and other fruit trees.

Soft fruit flowers are particularly helpful to bees, and by buying these plants will also help The British Beekeepers' Assocation.

British Grown & High Quality

We source all the trees and bushes here from a peat free, specialist, traditional nursery in the UK, so they are all British grown and - we hope! - high quality. There aren't many British fruit tree nurseries left, and we think it's important to support them and the varieties they sell.


Soft fruit bushes require different cultivation regimes, which we don't describe here. Please also note that with the exception of Blackberries these plants are bare root and, consequently, only available from the autumn until early spring.

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