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Cobs and Filberts (Corylus avellana and maxima)
Cobs and Filberts (Corylus avellana and maxima)

Cobs and Filberts (Corylus avellana and maxima)

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Cobs and Filberts (Corylus avellana and maxima)

Hazels have been cultivated since classical times, and the Tudors are recorded to have been enthusiastic growers of Filberts. The filbert, Corylus maxima, is a type of hazel originally from somewhere around Turkey. Cobs are a similar sort of thing, but varieties of hazel, Corylus avellana, originally cultivated in the (arguably) less exotic climes of Kent. Filberts tend to be more ovoid than than the rounder cobnut. Cobs and Filberts both have attractive catkins in winter and, of course, edible nuts. It's the female flowers that develop into nuts, but each plant has both male and female flowers, so you don't have to sex them. The cob and filbert varieties we sell are self fertile but yields will benefit if there's another variety of Corylus - including the native plant - nearby.

Cobnuts have been eaten across the country for as long as records exist, and at its peak before World War One, production here covered an estimated 7,000 acres, mostly in Kent. They're best roasted, but around here the squirrels don't have the patience for it. They need managing by pruning or the trees will grow out to around 7m height. If like us you put them into a hedge, take care when trimming that you don't do for the catkins.

Cob and Filbert Varieties For Sale:

Cosford Cob: largest fruiting variety with thin shelled nuts. Vigorous upright growth.
Kentish (or Kent): Introduced in 1830, and once dominating. Reliable, good flavour. 
Red Filbert: red nuts, ornamental claret coloured foliage, very old variety.
Webb's Prize Cob (illustrated): reliable, nuts have excellent flavour. 

Supplied as bare root bushes, around 80cm tall.

Supplier : R.V.Roger Ltd.

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All our cob and filbert bushes are bare root. At the height of the lifting season - between November and March - there may be up to a month's delay between placing the order and dispatching due to pressure of orders, which are dealt with in date sequence, and the weather. Orders for cobs and filberts from March to September are confirmed in late October/ early November ready for dispatch from November. Please consult our planting and care guide on receipt of your order.