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"Pioneering work supplying native plants."

Sir David Attenborough

What We Offer

Welcome to our online shop. We're a small award winning business in Somerset, which has been selling plants and seeds since 2008. We sell native  woodland treeshedging and hedge plantswildflowersgarden "trees for bees"pond plants, heritage fruit trees, wildflower seed and bulbs. These come from small, specialist and sustainably run British growers and harvesters.

You will see who they are on the individual product pages. You might struggle to find some of these businesses online! Mostly they will send your order directly to you to keep costs and emissions low.

You'll notice we don't sell much "stuff". What we do offer is a wide and interesting range of plants and seeds from our lovely community of suppliers. We hope to be a "one stop shop" for our customers, and only offer what's ecologically appropriate.

Habitat loss is at the heart of the decline in wildlife in the UK. We can help you make beautiful oases for nature - orchards, wildflower meadows, ponds, wetlands, hedges, woodland, wildlife gardens. Complex habitats like this are vital for the future of nature here.

These features - not just woodland - are also fantastic and resilient carbon sinks.

We hope we can supply you with the trees and wildflowers you need to make these special places, large or small, so you can make a real difference.

There's lots of expert advice on the website and in our social media feeds, and our team are happy to field questions.

Why Buy From Us?

We think you should not only know where the trees, plants and seeds you buy come from, but also that they should have the most local origin we can find for you.

That's not just a question of biosecurity, it's a question of resilience and genetic diversity. Sometimes, too, local plants can represent a community's cultural identity - think heritage apple trees, for example.

At the moment, the best we can do in a lot of cases is to offer British origin and grown plants and seed. Sometimes we can find more local meadow seed mixes in particular, which is very exciting.

We think it's important to support the development of sustainable growing nurseries in the UK, and to promote awareness of their importance. There are a scarily small number of good quality British wildflower seed producers; we need more of them too.

We make sure our suppliers follow our environmental guidelines, so no peat and minimal plastic packaging and chemical use. We also randomly test the seed mixes we sell for viability and content.

Since 2015 we have donated c.£80k to small evidence-based UK environmental charities. These NGOs do really important work and have some important messages we help to get out.

There's a lot of misinformation around about key issues. Helping the natural world repair itself is complicated, and we need the best advice on how to do it.

Nick Mann

Director, Habitat Aid Ltd.

Our plants look good and do good...

Since 2015 we have donated £82k to small UK environmental charites.