What Do We Do?

  1. Promote British growers & nurseries
  2. Sell good quality British plants and seeds, mostly native 
  3. Help British conservation charities
  4. Offer a one stop resource
  5. Make habitat creation happen

Habitat Aid

Native British Plants And Seeds.

Welcome to our online shop, where you will find native British trees, plants and seeds, sourced from small British nurseries, growers and harvesters. We donate half of our profits from sales through the shop to some brilliant UK conservation and habitat restoration charities.

We want to help you make beautiful landscapes full of life, from urban gardens to really large scale projects. 

We understand that it’s difficult to know where to find the right plants to realise your vision. Many fruit tree growers in the UK have gone out of business, and today’s commercial realities make it a challenge for those that survive. The supply of wildflowers is fragmented and unregulated; quality and provenance varies enormously. “Native” trees and hedging are routinely sourced from Europe, and aquatic plants are often contaminated by nasty weeds.

Don’t worry. We’re proud to sell a vast range of top quality British plants and seeds from our lovely community of suppliers. We can even plant, sow and manage your project for you. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or landscape professional, we can help you do the right thing.

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