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When should you plant fruit trees?

We supply fruit trees "bare root" rather than pot grown, which is cheaper for you and makes better trees which establish quicker. They have to be dormant when lifted and planted, so plant from November until end March. If you're in an area of low rainfall - e.g. East Anglia - get them in earlier rather than later.

What is a rootstock?

To keep them true to type fruit trees are grafted, not grown from seed. Sorry, Johnny Appleseed. The top bit is the "scion", which is the apple variety. That's grafted on to the rootstock, which dictates how vigorous the tree will be, how big it will grow to and when it will fruit. We specialise in trees grown on BIGGER rootstocks to give you trees which don't need staking and will grow to at least 3.5m - some will grow to over 6m.

Help! Which pollinators do I need?

Don't panic... we have notes on all the trees we sell and further recommendations here. Some fruit trees are self-fertile, at least to a degree.

When is my fruit tree going to fruit?

We mostly sell one year old "maiden" plants or older bushes. TBH you should get rid of any early fruit anyway to let your tree get on with growing, but typically you'll see a decent crop on 4 to 5 year old trees.

What preparation do my trees need before they arrive?

Generally none. We don't recommend digging holes because they'll be too big or too small and fill up with water. They won't need manure either. The only thing we do recommend is Rootgrow , which seems to work pretty well, or bonemeal. 

Do I have to plant my trees as soon as they arrive?

No. They come very well wrapped. Resist the temtpation to have a peek and leave them somewhere cool, dry and frost free. They'll be happy for several days. If you want to wait longer, "heel them in" - that's to say, just pop them in a temporary hole.

Will my fruit trees need supporting?

Unless you're planting them in a very exposed site, no. You could use a cane initially, with a guard if necessary, but we only sell fruit trees with vigorous rootstocks which won't need any help after their first year.