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Who We Are

Habitat Aid is a Somerset based business founded in 2008. We promote and sell British native trees, hedging, aquatic plants, wildflower seed and heritage fruit trees, which we source from a community of small specialist UK nurseries and growers. We also offer groundwork, planting and seeding as well as ecological services through our network of partners.

Our Philosophy

We think the local origin and distinctiveness of plants isn’t just important for biodiversity, but also culturally. Over the last century in the UK we have destroyed swathes of our most important and attractive habitats, including almost all of our wildflower meadows. Orchards, ponds, wetlands, hedges, woodland - these should be beautiful elements of our landscape, teeming with life. This is a terrible - and continuing - loss for all of us. We spend too much time worrying about small numbers of charismatic fauna, and not enough on the nuts and bolts of our ecosystems. We should be concentrating on reversing destruction and fragmentation of habitat.

Trying To Help

People just aren't aware of the collapse in biodiversity associated with the continuing loss of these habitats. Compared to climate change - a related isue, of course - it has been a small story in the media until recently. Part of what we do is to get this message out.

It's difficult for them to know what to do to reverse this decline. Sometimes plants for sale are grown using pesticides which then harm the insects feeding from them. The wildflower seed business is opaque and unregulated; quality and provenance vary enormously. “Native” trees and hedging are routinely sourced from Europe, as are British fruit tree varieties. Native pond plants are often contaminated by invasive non-native weeds.

We sell people the right plants and seeds, from the right suppliers. We're now a significant customer for some of these typically small, family run businesses.

We have close links to a number of specialist science based UK conservation charities, who we also help promote. Their work is as important as it is underfunded. Increasingly, we try to amplify their messages about good practice on social media. We donate some of our profits to these kind of NGOs.

Our Work

Some of our recent higher profile projects have included landscaping over 70 solar farms. The two largest of these were each over 200 acres. Our corporate clients have included Charlie Bigham, the Co-op, Good Energy, Hillier’s Nurseries, Nestle, M&S, and Noble Foods. We also supply and advise a number of government organisations and NGOs, and garden designers including Tom Stuart-Smith.

About Us

We also operate two other websites:

British Wildflower Seeds which offers smaller packet sizes of wildflower meadow seed mixes.

British Pond Plants which offers... British pond plants!

Carbon, Chemicals & Peat

Please see our Environmental Statement for a full description.


Our suppliers ship directly to our clients, which saves on cost and emissions. This is why we have a £50 minimum order size - otherwise we might end up paying multiple delivery charges on relatively small orders and losing bucket loads of money! All the prices on the website are quoted including VAT and P&P.


We are authorised by DEFRA to market seeds. Our licence number is 7615.


Please let us have feedback on our products and suppliers using the contact form , and let us know which other products or charities you would like to see on the site.


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Our plants look good and do good too.

In the years 2016-2019 we have donated a total of £41,865.20 to charity. See the charities we're proud to be working with.

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