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Fruit Tree Collection - Perry Pears
Fruit Tree Collection - Perry Pears

Fruit Tree Collection - Perry Pears

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Perry Pear Collection

5 trees of different traditional varieties of Perry Pears. This collection is available on St Julien 'A' rootstock, which has the advantage of producing an earlier fruiting Perry Pear tree, after 5-6 years. Our specialist supplier selects the trees from a carefully chosen short list. 

Perry Pears are large trees living up to 300 years, grown from at least Saxon times in the West Midlands and more recently in Somerset. These beautiful trees deserve a place in everyone's orchard, however. There were over 100 varieties identified in Gloucestershire, many of which were popular from before the written record of them, over 300 years ago. Their continuing popularity might be due to their good and persisting resistance to diseases like canker and scab. Perry as a drink was never as popular as cider as its quality was variable and too weather dependent. As a consequence many trees have been grubbed up over the past century, and this fascinating and valuable part of our national heritage is under threat. If you are interested in a particular variety of these lovely trees we sell individual Perry Pear varieties as well.

Rootstock: St Julien A (will produce a tree c.4m tall)
Size : Maiden
Varieties selected from : Brandy, Yellow Huffcap, Greenhorse, Red Pear and Gin.

Supplier : RV Roger

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All our perry pear trees are bare root. If you do not plant your perry pear trees on receipt, they should be unwrapped and either heeled in, or left in their packaging in a cool frost free place before planting within 10 days. A small percentage of bare root plants will fail, but this can be considerably reduced by making sure the roots do not dry out while planting. Chose a frost and wind free damp day, and keep the whips in a bucket of water while planting out.