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Biodegradable mulch mat

Weed Suppression Fabric

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Mulching mats will retain moisture and remove grass and weed competition, so hedge plants - any plants - will grow faster and more strongly as a result. Without them you'll need to weed manually or use chemicals. Recent advances have meant we can offer them as biodegradable, which isn't just good for hte environment but also the plants themselves, as water can penetrate them in a way it couldn't woven polypropylene. They're also easier to cut.

We offer two options - individual 50cmX50cm mats or an economy 1mX25m roll. If my maths is right the roll would be enough for 50 individual mats. You can buy the mats with or without fixing pegs; choose the "with pegs" option and each mat will come with 5 biodegradable pegs, and a roll with 100. 

The rolls are made from jute, with a fully biodegradable black backing. The individual mats are a slightly different material, from a different manufacturer, but are also entirely made from biodegradable natural materials. 

They will last for at least two years; perfect for the establishment of a new plant. You can either cut them down the middle to the centre to allow planting. or make a small hole in the middle if you're planting a small whip.

Mulch mat supplier : British Hardwood Trees 

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