Seed orders dispatched following business day. Pond plant orders received today will be sent out on 2nd July.

Malvern Autumn Show

Perry Pears
Off to the RHS Autumn show at Malvern yesterday, which offered the usual mix of good and bad. Let's get the bad out of the way... if I see another Heuchera/Crocosmia/Pansy I think I'll garrote myself. I don't want to sound like a gardening fascist, but honestly - and the most hopeless plants for wildlife gardening, which was a notably absent theme in favour of plastic Box balls and double glazing. COME ON, RHS ! On the plus side, some gorgeous stuff from Cotswold Craftsmen by way of non-plant things. I've added the Orchard Centre and Hartpury Perry Park to my links, and had a nice chat to the folk from the Colwall Village Garden, which sounds like an excellent project. I also found some nice nurseries. Hoyland Plant Centre has the National Collections of Agapanthus and Tulbaghia. Irresistible. I loved the Hardy's Nursery stall, a plantsman's delight I had been advised to look out for. I was particularly pleased to run into the folk at Trecanna Nursery too. I bought native Alliums, Wood Anemones, and Spring flowering Cyclamen coum from them. It would be great to have some more bulbs on our site and they're just the sort of people I'd love to work with. More anon...