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These granite aggregate blocks for solitary bees look great and work perfectly for them to use as nesting holes. Unlike the wooden boxes you can buy in garden centres they don't rot or decay and look great for years and years. If required the rectangular bee brick can be built into a wall.  

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We trialled a number of solitary bee boxes until coming across these good looking bee blocks made by Green and Blue, a small company in Cornwall. Using local granite aggregate, they last for many years and don't have the problems with rotting wood or damp that most designs do. They look great too; the rectangular bricks can even be built into a wall. Left freestanding they are heavy so don't need any kind of fixing.

Site on a sunny east or south east position from 4 feet off the ground, and you will find a variety of solitary bee species will start to use them to build their nest in. Unlike bumblebee nesters, these are perfect for bees and they seem to love them. You don't have to prepare or maintain them.

The bee blocks have different sized holes for different sorts of bee. There are over 200 different sorts of solitary bee in the UK, and they are usually overlooked. This is a great way to help them and improve pollination in your allotment or garden; solitary bees are important pollinators. I've never met anyone who has been stung by one; in any case, their stings are apparently rather feeble! 

We sell the three blocks together.

Supplier: Green and Blue

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