Pond & River Plants

We can't overstate the need to source aquatic plants carefully. We only sell native, non-invasive pond plants with British provenance. Our suppliers of aquatic, wetland, and marginal plants follow the Flora Locale code of practice.

A wildlife garden without a pond is like a theatre without a stage. (Chris Baines)

See below for a list of our plant and seed collections for ponds and wetlands. We also offer individual native aquatic and marginal species on request; please contact us if you are interested.

We're proud to be a corporate associate of the Freshwater Habitats Trust, who are an invaluable source of help and advice on all things fresh water.

Just some feedback on the plants you sold us two years ago... I simply can't believe that the pond was only created so recently. It looks like it has always been there and is teaming with wildlife - frogs, newts and lots of damsel and dragonflies. The Wildlife Pond Native plant collection has really settled in well, and looks fantastic. Thank you!
Anne, Somerset