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Hedgehog box

Hedgehog box

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Hedgehog Box

Box Features

This hedgehog hibernation box, like all the nestboxes in our range, is largely made from recycled plastic. It has mostly come from the agricultural sector here in the UK; bale wrap etc is recycled into black and green sheets, which are then fabricated into the boxes. The plastic is UV stabilised, meaning it doesn't lose its colour, tough and durable - giving ample protection for a sleepy hedgehog! The makers reckon on at least 20 years' use. The roof is one section, and the box fits together using tabs rather than fixings or glue. The hibernaculum has a wooden floor which can be easily removed if required, and ventilation holes to stop the build up of condensation.

The box has a secure inner chamber reached through an integrated tunnel, which provides a safe and generously sized chamber for breeding and hibernation.

Dimensions: overall height: 33cm, overall width: 46cm, overall length: 51cm


As the box won't rot, it will sit very happily bedded in to surrounding soil or leaf mould - just make sure the entrance isn't obstructed. Site it in a quite and shady corner, where it won't be disturbed and hedgehogs will be able to find nesting material.

Supplier: The Nestbox Company