Bird, Bat & Hedgehog Boxes

Habitat Boxes

Gardens can provide real oases for birds, bats and hedgehogs at a time when they have endured fierce population declines in the countryside. Providing well designed hibernacula and nest and roosting boxes for them can really help, as your garden will typically have a shortage of natural sites for them

We're delighted to be able to offer a brilliant range of eco-friendly nest boxes and habitat boxes for birds, bats and hedgehogs. They're well thought out and designed by experts - and have high occupancy rates as a consequence.

They're also made from 100% recycled plastic and wooden board made from wood offcuts. The plastic is sourced largely from the UK agricultural industry, and is reprocessed here too. It is UV stabilised - i.e. it shouldn't discolour. The wooden interiors are easily removable and provide extra insulation. They are made from FSC certified oriented strand board.

The boxes are light, tough and durable. They all come fully constructed rather than flatpack, and are slotted together rather than glued or nailed. They're well made, pretty bomb proof and simple to install. They should last over 20 years.

We love this product.