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Tawny Owl Box

Tawny Owl Box

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Eco-friendly Tawny Owl Box

Nestbox Features

The unique feature of these tawny owl nestboxes is their build. The whole box is made in the UK. The outer shell is made from 100% recycled UK plastic waste, mostly from farms, with a life over 20 years. This is much longer than a typical wooden or ply box. The plastic means they're light too - under 4kg - despite their generous proportions. Inside this is a precision engineered FSC certified OSB nest chamber, made from wood offcuts and forestry byproducts. The plastic shell is held together with tabs, so no screws or other fixings. It's tough and durable, and protects and insulates the nesting chamber.

Box Installation

The boxes come assembled and with easy to follow installation instructions. They're easy to put up.

Unlike barn owls , tawny owls prefer wooded or partially wooded landscapes, so the best place for a box is in a coppice or wood. Our supplier recommends a site at least 3m high, with surrounding branches. As with other nestboxes, they should face away from the prevailing wind, in the UK typically coming from the west or southwest. They should also be shaded.

Tawny owls are pretty much exclusively nocturnal, so apart from their distinctive hooting keep an eye out for pellets below the box as a sign it's occupied. They don't make nests, so pop some wood chips or wood shavings into the box if you like.

Supplier: The Nestbox Company