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Annual Wildflowers in Your Garden

annual wildflowers in the gardenAs part of Gardener Mike's fantastic veg garden extension we're doing a fair bit of companion planting. In addition to some traditional annuals - Nasturtium, French marigold, and Poached Egg plants - we've put aside a bed for annual wildflowers. Not only will it look stunning, but it will be a nectar magnet for all sorts of helpful pollinators in high summer. We weeded a south facing sunny bed next to the base of an old greenhouse, so the soil is poor - full of hardcore. Perfect. Annual wildflowers in the gardenI sowed a chunk of our Cornfield annual mix around three weeks ago, and now you can almost see the seedlings growing as you watch. This mix includes some of our most beautiful native flowers, like the Cornflower - now astonishingly rare in the wild. Frustratingly, many folk seem to leave their annual wildflowers to get on with it once they've sown them, with the consequence that they just disappear after a year. Ours will keep on repeating, as I'm going to follow Richard Brown of Emorsgate's regime: I can't wait to post the pictures of what the bed will look like in June - or better a video, so you can see the bees, butterflies, and hoverflies zipping around it. Absolutely vibrant. I promise that you won't be able to resist - better start thinking where you could fit one in now... Related Posts: Place Names Sarah's Wildflower Bank