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Archie's Meadow Part VI

More on Archie's meadow - the two acres of demo we started work on next to the A303 last year. I went down there after Archie cut it earlier this week to spread some of the hay about and weed some of the margins. It has been divided into two sections, one of which, our special meadow mix, has been spectacular as we sowed it withPerennials a "nurse" of annual wildflowers. The other section looks much less ostentatious, but is now going nicely too. It is a mix of perennial wildflowers, Yellow Rattle and grasses from Julian at local supplier Goren Farm. Although Archie has cut most of the area we've left a strip of this mix for a few weeks longer. In addition to some interesting grasses and the Rattle, even this duffer botanist could see lots of plantains, Hawkbit, Fleabane, Red Clover, Sorrel, Yarrow, and Buttercup. I'm sure there'll be a lot more species I haven't spotted. Very encouraging, very easy - and to think I was worried about it a couple of months ago... We'll clear the hay off the rest after a few days so that any seed in it will have chance to drop to the ground. Related Posts: Meadow Magic Archie's Meadow Goes Bananas Archie's Meadow Update Archie's Gravelpit Meadow Local Seed For Meadows