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A Christmas Tale

Tannenbaum I went Christmas tree shopping this afternoon and, as you can see, bought a beautiful tree. I'm always a bit nervous about buying the family Christmas tree as I usually get flak for it. The trees I bring home are either too skinny, too bushy, too short or too tall, so I was mightily relived to have found such a fab tree - and a non dropper to boot. It was a good price and I found it at a reputable local supplier. They only had bigger trees left, which was even more amazing as I wanted a good sized one for the hall. As you might expect from someone who makes a living out of promoting and selling plants and seed from British growers, I asked where the tree was from. It was British, I was told - and indeed there was a label proclaiming its Britishness in prominent pride of place. The label was green, which helpfully told me how tall the tree was according to a key. The perfect size. Christmas tree label 1 As we were finishing decorating the tree we found another, more generic label: Tannenbaum 2 The label seems to have come from a Danish company, according to one of my readers. There's probably a perfectly innocent reason for finding this on my British grown tree. With a stroke of marketing genius, I bet the British grower decided to put a Danish label on the tree to show it was specially "selekted". I do hope the tree is really British. One of the reasons I set my business up was to make folk aware of the need to buy British plants and seeds and then actually get what they think they're getting. I sometimes wonder whether that's a more radical idea than I had thought.