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Do you own an orchard ?

The Orchard at The Old Rectory
After the end of the cricket season there is Apple Day and the village's annual pilgrimage to Ern's farm to pick the apples for the latest vintage of our Bullbeggar cider. Before this entertainment - about which more anon - I thought it was high time to put our own orchard on the map, so I've just sent a traditional orchard survey form back to the oddly named but estimable People's Trust for Endangered Species. There's been an orchard here since at least the mid 19th century (probably a lot longer) and it's been a privilege to have been able to renovate it after years of neglect. Why not celebrate it ? If you own a traditional orchard - i.e. one with standard fruit trees and using low intensity methods - do get involved by calling them on 020 7498 4533 or emailing