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Gardening meets the gardening blogosphere

There are some very good gardening blogs out there - I've listed some of my favourites - and intriguingly a bunch of bloggers (collective of bloggers?) are meeting up at the Malvern Spring Show this year. It will be the equivalent of a blind date - doubly blind as some folk don't write under their own name. I was put onto this by Vegetable Plotting ("VP") the other day, who is one of the organizers, and who very kindly chatted about the arcane world of garden bloggery over a cup of coffee. I'll get to Malvern for what promises to be a very good day out, and forget about my experience of the Autumn Show, which I gather is a much lesser thing. As far as I'm concerned, blogging seems to work much better than Twitter, for I think obvious reasons, and I've made some very jolly - and helpful - contacts on some specialist social networking sites (!) too, like Downsizer, Over the Gate, gardenersclick, and Allotment and Vegetable Gardening. How can you resist posts like: can anyone tell me about Jerusalem Artichokes please? The RHS has an interesting forum, and there's Garden Network, and Landscape Juice Network for landscapers. All these sites - and the successful blogs - are very subject and geographically specific. The ones that don't cut it for me are those that go general and/or global. Perhaps the internet does work after all.