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Help save the Shrill Carder Bee

Shrill Carder BeeI've blogged about this chap before. It's the next species of Bumblebee likely to go kaput, and is particularly close to my heart because I we supposedly live in one of its last bastions. I've got everything crossed that we might see them in one of the meadows we're working on. One of the best charities we support is The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and I was pleased to be Tweeted by them about a project for Shrill Carder Bees in Wales. They want to create wildflower-rich habitat (yes please!) to support rare bumblebees along a new 10km path in the Pembrokeshire National Park. Live For The Outdoors has drawn up a short list of 6 "eco projects", of which this is one, from which the public votes a winner. Their favourite project gets 30,000 Euros from an outfit called the EOG Association for Conservation. The other choices are absolutely worthy but the BBCT scheme is absolutely urgent. Please vote for it here. Thank you. Related Posts: Bumblebees