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Sometimes we lost Glory Days...
I just bloody hate losing. I have brought up children who hate losing and I have converted my lovely wife into someone who hates losing. Even if the odds are so impossibly stacked against me or my team and we lose I still hate losing. Even if I/we struggle magnificently and go down guns blazing, even if we learn valuable life lessons from losing (etc. etc.), I still hate losing. I never used to as much, I think, and I've no clue what's brought it on in later life. A sense of inferiority? Losing to too many dickheads over the years? I do remember smarting at the ritual annual humiliation of our school first XV against the touring team from Yorkshire, but that was as nothing compared to the rage engendered by our younger son's team's recent evisceration by the local rugby academy. This rage knows no logic. In this instance most of the opposition are hoping to become professional rugby players and Will's side were missing their best players (variously crippled or expelled, which tells you something about rugby) and suffering from eccentric selection. Nevertheless, the end result was embarrassing enough for me not to link this blog to the video of the game's highlights, helpfully posted by a member of the opposition. Listening to today's autumn statement I reflected that this unhelpful characteristic is one shared by politicians. I guess fear of losing is a symptom of a healthy democracy, but it's not very helpful at the moment. I don't care who wins the next election, but I do care about us all losing in the long term. I care about things like our long term strategy on renewables and planning. If they even exist. P.S. I'm the one sitting down far left. With hair.