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The Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables is my second brilliant but bonkers topic recently. It's an ultra distance race over 250km of the Sahara. On foot. Carrying your own kit. In six days. Completely barmy. And brother-in-law Tom is running it this year, thereby cementing an unassailable position as family iron man and raising the bonkers bar to ludicrous levels. He has trained incredibly hard and at the time of writing is in the top 300, out of a (rapidly diminishing) original field of over 1100. And I thought running the Bath half marathon in under two hours last year was impressive. Sigh. Again the Marathon des Sables it looks truly pathetic. Anyway, the point of writing this is two fold. Firstly, DO support him and maybe even splash out on some sponsorship. You can find him on Facebook (Tom Boam). Secondly, I'm reflecting on how impressive it is when someone just does something impressive. I find this among friends and professionally too. There's always too much blather and not enough go. We always need fewer talkers and more doers. Like Tom.