Seed orders dispatched following business day. Pond plant orders received today will be sent out on 2nd July.


Hazlegrove wildlife pond
I've just started work on our next illustration project, a wildife pond at our youngest's school. This should be a cracker; it is a good sized site and there are amphibia and reptiles around the grounds already. What a great thing to have at a school; they plan to have al fresco science lessons around the pond, which has a viewing area and will have cut paths for the children to wander. The heavy moving work and lining have been done already, so now I'm preparing for the planting. Needless to say, all native plugs and seed mixes, which should look gorgeous by next summer. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation offer lots of practical advice if you're thinking of doing the same for your school, which you should be; ponds suppport some of our most threatened and most interesting animals, which children love - even though some think they won't!