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Ponds to the People

Bentomat Liner We Paid For This?
Today was the day of our first course - making a large scale wildlife pond. We were a class of 10, with Professor Hugh, from Environments for People, Rob the Plant from Salix Rivers and Wetlands and, of course, Hugh the Slew in charge of the machinery. The dogs thought it was brilliant and we've ended up with a state of the art pond, thanks in no small part to the muscle power of the paying punters. Although I was dashing about I learnt a huge amount, and I can't wait to get involved in some water projects. The quality of our partners in this area means we should be absolutely spanking at it. I'll post more pictures here and on the photo gallery as the pond fills up so I can get our beautiful plants in and it looks more interesting than a hole in the ground. Whatever Parsley thinks it's quite an impressive hole in the ground at its deep end, mind you, and its apex will be a really nice boggy area.
Pond digging Parsley is unimpressed by Hugh the Slew
Lining the Pond ...but we think he\'s great
Deep thought Roger and Hugh help the Prof. with the overflow
Wildlife Pond Ready for Rain