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Take 5

I was watching this video of the late Dave Brubeck and it struck me how fine it would have been to be short sighted and balding 50 years ago. I'm now as bald as a coot and blind as a bat, with a wardrobe full of natty suits, so I'm looking forward to an exciting middle age mobbed by groupies. Sadly, according to the Daily Mail, in the 21st century I'm suffering from an "embarrassing ailment":
He's been criticised for his hair loss over the last few years, but it now it looks like Jude Law has had to embrace his embarrassing ailment.
The Mail doesn't like glasses much either.
Having worn glasses since I was six years old, and contact lenses since I was a teenager, there was nothing more appealing than being able to see properly without any help.

...enthuses hackette Sarah Bull. I think my suits are ok, at least.* It's a cliche, but this obsession with superficial appearance is pernicious and reaches deep into everyday life. It's really unhelpful in the horticultural and conservation worlds. Typically there's commercial interest involved too, which makes it even more problematic, and it's often accompanied by a tendency to compartmentalise topics. The real world just doesn't work like that; people aren't like the seven dwarfs and nature doesn't fit together like segments of processed cheese. We get very excited about bad news stories involving single animal or plant species, and seem to want to identify a single culprit before wrapping the piece up neatly and popping it in a pretty, clearly labelled box. If it's not a bad news story it's usually about nothing in particular, as often in the blogosphere, in which case it's ALL about the wrapping and the box.

*This doesn't constitute a mid life crisis; I am of course wildly attractive in or out of a suit.