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The Mr. Biggs of Ponds

It's rare you come across a voice of authority you can absolutely depend as a free resource online. If your life depended on it and you were asked where in Bermondsey Bombardier Billy Wells was born, would you check it in Wikipedia or the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography? That's why The Garden Pond Blog is a bit of a treasure. Then again it should be; it's the personal blog of Jeremy Biggs, the director of Pond Conservation. It contains a wealth of practical and concise information on ponds and the problems of ponds, using his own as a reference point, together with informed comment on relevant stories. For example in August he wrote about water fern, or Azolla filiculoides. Water fern is one of those non-native imports which folk like me have been jumping up and down and getting excited about. It hit the news recently because there was a nice-weevil-eats-bad-plant story carried in the Press. I was interested as I've seen some awful infestations of the stuff, which can be really pernicious. According to The Garden Pond Blog the story was badly reported. Like many aquatic problems, dense growths of water ferns are more a symptom of pollution - in this case high levels of phosphorous. As a pond enthusiast I'm a subscriber, but I'd recommend anyone to bookmark the site just for reference. If you want to make your own pond, however small, do it now - and look no further for a guide.