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Treeangle Foundation

TreeangleNow here's a nice story. I went to a small event for the Treeangle Foundation in London. Treeangle is a young enthusiastic international charity staffed by young enthusiastic international people. It is restoring indigenous forests on mountain tops. On a small scale in Somerset we've seen what can happen when catchment areas in hills are deforested, so I suppose it chimed a chord. The original project which inspired the idea is in Brazil, and Treeangle is now supporting similar work in Argentina and Catalonia. The guys involved were passionate and have plans to roll the model out across mountain top sites worldwide. They're already involving an increasing number of local communities as news of what they're doing spreads. It's great, too, that it is in London where they're looking for support. We were a cosmopolitan and eclectic audience and it was difficult to think of anywhere else in the world where such a mix could have been found together. We sometimes forget how lucky we are. Anyway, do have a look at the Treeangle Foundation's charming video, which explains why the work it's doing is so important. Better, give them a few quid.