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Wildflower plugs

June 2009 June 2009
One of our illustration projects is at Sarah's house. There was a bank left after some building work which she very sportingly decided to have native wildflowers on for us, which we planted in June. I'm particularly pleased with our wildflower plug plants, which are a good size and offer interesting selections for different locations. For a project like this they're ideal, and talk about quick results - which is really why I'm mentioning it now. Look at it 3 months later!
Today Today
As ever my photography doesn't do it justice - you can see better pictures here which will expand when clicked. You can see the Knapweed, Scabious and Oxeye Daisies most clearly in the photo, but in addition to the 13 species in the original collection there are some welcome new additions that have appeared as well - Foxglove, Lungwort, Lemon Balm (which I'm allowing), Feverfew (ditto) and Comfrey (to be carefully policed). Fantastic. Sarah's sowing the remaining bare patches with some native annuals too...who said this was difficult?